Photographer’s Profile

Dipak Gupta lives in Chittagong with his wife and one nice kid.

Dipak Gupta is a self-taught photographer. He has 15 years experienced in professional photography. His work is published in some leading magazines in Bangladesh. He believes in realistic work. His work always has a natural and personal feel to it.


Studio Profile

Smartclick photography is in Chittagong based photographic company, which started 2005 at Jamal khan road as a professional studio at first time in Chittagong. Dipak Gupta is the owner and photographer of this company. You can complete your photo session at this studio or at your home. He also shoots for his clients’ photo in different parts of the Bangladesh.

If we mention about the best in the profession in Chittagong, then smartclick are certainly at the top of the list. We have (16’ x 25’) size studio room, which is one of the largest studios in Bangladesh.